Review of 3 image sharing platforms

 My review of Instagram, Imgur, Flickr

There are many image sharing platforms out there in the Interwebs.  Some have existed for a while and some have cropped up very quickly.  However, there’s only a few that have made an impression on me.  I’ve consistently used them and have grown to love their features.  In this review we will critique Instagram, Imgur and Flickr.


Criteria 1: We will rank each platform firstly by it’s site ranking against popular websites to see what where it stands.  This will give us a gauge how much popularity it has among users.  We will use the site, an SEO website that has been around since 2004 and tracks a list of 500 popular websites on the web.  If it’s in the top 10 on the list, this gives it a 5 star.  We will subtract a star every time it goes down 10.  The minimum is 1 star.

Criteria 2: I will give my opinion on their website.  I will give a critique of their UI/UX and their design aesthetics.

Criteria 3: I will give my opinion on their mobile app.  I will give a critique on their UI/UX and their design aesthetics.

Ranking of zero, for being worst, to five stars, being the best.  We will average the totals for each platform and round the result.


The breakdown

Criteria 1:  *****

Moz Ranks #7 


The site ranked number seven among the big leagues such as Google, Twitter, and Youtube.  The photo-sharing platform quickly rose among the mobile users for it’s easy access and fast sharing of photo content.

Criteria 2:  ***

The UI/UX of the web site lacks certain aspects of user friendliness.  The icons are too small and are not labeled.  You will have to intuitively guess what they are by clicking.  Images are restricted to 610×610 pixels since the site is not made for desktop.  The site defaults to mobile mode.

Criteria 3: *****

Instagram started as a mobile platform and it seems to be staying that way.  It’s layout and icons haven’t change very much since it was launched 2010.  It is very intuitive with it’s interface and does not clutter or overwhelm the user.  It encourages you emotionally with likes and comments from other user.


What’s Good:  Visually appealing, ease of use on mobile, emotionally engaging platform

What’s bad:  Desktop version is same as mobile.  It does not take advantage of the extra space.  Icons are small.


Score:  4



The breakdown

Criteria 1:  *

Moz Ranks #161 

Imgur started as image sharing website on Reddit.  It quickly rose to popularity due to its integration and ‘no-fluff’ navigation.

Criteria 2:  *****

The website is direct to the point.  There is main purpose and the user can directly see what needs to be done step by step.  Sign up is painless and sharing give you a direct link to share anywhere.

Criteria 3: ****

Imgur started as a website for sharing photos and has quickly revamped it’s mobile app.  It’s interface has followed the Instagram logic of button and layouts.  It goes further from Instagram as it caters to memes and upvotes.


What’s Good:  Visually appealing, ease of use on mobile, great desktop website for quickly uploading pics

What’s bad:  Lots of distracting memes and cat photos.  What becomes popular depends on upvotes from users.

Score:  3



The breakdown

Criteria 1:  ***

Moz Ranks #22

Flickr started as a platform for sharing pictures of games by Ludicorp.  Yahoo acquired the company in 2005.  The site quickly became popular by photographers for it’s commenting and liking capabilities.  The site still is being used by many budding photographers and professionals.

Criteria 2:  ****

The site is integrated with Yahoo and uses Yahoo login credentials.  I personally do not like Yahoo cluttered UI.  However, sharing on the website is great.  It allows you to categorized and rank your photos.  It allows for commenting and ranking among other artists.

Criteria 3: ***

The mobile is great for full resolution pictures.  It gives the photographer freedom to express with full uncompressed images.  However, the layout still feels overwhelming since title’s and comments seems to be crammed together.



What’s Good:  Full resolution pictures, visible comments and title on the pictures, allows for voting and ranking

What’s bad:  Mobile version is some what overwhelming since comments and titles are visible right along the picture

Score:  3




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