dallas and forth worth area photorapher

I always have a fascination for old photos and vintage looking images from long time past.  The feeling of nostalgia is almost like a time travel.  It’s fun to stare a photo and be lost in it.

As a photographer, I want to leave the same impression on every picture I take.  For someone to relive that moment and feel the same emotion when someone sees their self in a framed image, makes me glad.  It might be that first dance with father at her wedding.  The couple who are expecting.  The recent grad who just got hired.  Capturing that special moment is what I strive for.

Hello, I’m Charles!  Aka Charlie.   I’m a student at UTD – University of Texas at Dallas.  Currently, I’m an Arts and Technology student who loves technology with art infused into it.  My first exposure to photography was from my father, who did wedding photography on-the-side.  I knew I wanted to carry his legacy when I got older.  This was realized when I took a black and white photography class in High School and I’ve never stopped taking pictures since!

dallas photography making moments last